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May 6, 2012
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As a way of thanking my supportive watchers, I will be featuring artwork which they have chosen: one piece of their own, and one piece they love. Enjoy. :) 

:thumb286946000: Phoenix wingsI've been through the fire, so where are my wings? I've fallen apart, waded in my own ashes, where's the life I hoped for? Everything in vain, a silent plea for flight away from the lightless despair, and nothing but a soft breeze passing me by... a breeze that I'll never rise above. If a myth can do it, why can't I? I'll become a bird of beautiful fire and glide off, striking out on the wind, and if hope holds out and luck holds up
I'll never
be back.
 Emoticon Anatomy by Phlum NaNoEmo - Day 22 by Phlum Happy Easter by CyanOnigiri cheshire paper by Apofiss  Zvalkau Modern TermsModern-ish terms! Some are borrowed, but most aren't.
Note: "mēj" means tool. It is in many of these.
kovitš - copy
ivēk - paste
//I forgot undo!! D:
amvīn - internet
ektil - website (lit. area)
łytsa - click
sūnzvalmēj (or SZ-mēj /sāzā/ ) - keyboard, type (lit. touch-response tool)
ījālij - program, code (lit. make numbers be made... or something)
jāljv̦vmēj - calculator (lit. number finder)
kallmēj - phone
amāls - electricity
amālsmēj - computer
katsēj/vatsēj - turn on/off (lit. start up/down)
wił - remove, delete
sīvj - letter (jokingly contrasts with "sivj", arrow.)
amsīvj - email
amālskūtmēj (or AK-mēj /ākā/ ) - television (lit. electric sight, totally took this layout from Chinese 电视 )
sv̦jkūtmēj - glasses (lit. bright/clear sight)
vīmēj - clock (lit. time tool)
19 words... Well, that's not ten
The Truth by SaitalCheeky Grin by 3wylPlucked From Grace by AForAdultery.beauties and beasts. by houoh White Scroll by D8P Rise of Hawk, Part 1, Scene 1
Rise of Hawk
Part One
* 1 *
19 Aracan 3000
City of Araam
Country of Arana
The planet Shadow

A cobbled ochre footpath led in curving spirals across the road and into the northern entrance of Star Mall.  Waiting for the cross signal, Asha glanced warily up and down the street.  There were neither cop cars nor Agency vehicles on the road, and no visible Blue Suit Agents on the footpaths either.  It looked like just another normal autumn day in Araam.  The traffic light buzzed above her and she stepped off the curb, crossing through the paved spirals to the mall entrance.
Absently, she touched the baby's back through the material of the sling strapped over her.  It was quite a risk for them to go into a public mall, especially unarmed, but it couldn't be helped.  Baby Tempa needed a diaper change and feeding, and Asha couldn't do that in the street.
The automatic doors opened and, stepping into the warm
 demon by JestemBazyliszkiem :thumb296504749: Final Fantasy X teaser + VIDEO by Benny-Lee  Why now?"Answer my pleas
'Why now?'
I begged to differ but alas nothing
Nothing to change their minds
Pulling me away; I struggle to stay put
This sad battle was lost
Staring behind me now as the things I held dear were gone
Torn apart of myself but yet--
I wasn't able to cry
Tears seemingly pour down my cheeks
Although I was not paying any attention
As more thoughts streamed through my mind
'Why now?'
I begged to differ but alas nothing
Nothing to change their minds
I suddenly fall, fall into an abyss
Waking to only find out that it was
Another realm I was soon to be in
Shifting to face in a different direction
What was to become of these occurrences?
Heart pounding against my chest
Eerie noises echoing in my ears
Sudden trails formed ahead
Taking whichever one I wanted figuring that was best
Making my way down, a huge overcasting shadow above
Shuddering, I continue braving on what else lied ahead
'Why now?'
I begged to differ but alas nothing
Nothing to change their minds
I walked into a hug
Two steps from heaven by LANcasthor :thumb298577089: Real Princess - Ariel by uppuN Harpoon by BevyArt Request : Kiva Taavi, Stealthy Shinigami by Skurpix Little Pickle Space Explorer by NerdyGeekyDweebNerdyGeekyDweeb Gift by otohime0394 April 10. by mitazu08 7290 by NunoCanha Lady in Brocade by GillianIvy
Just west of Eden by MBKKR Creature by flareblitz Moroccan Griffin Redo by TastesLikeAnya  Dream image by dragondoodle Rat Nouveau: Lemons by ursulav Kiriban Picture by ReixmaButterfly2 by michichan07 Z0rgy gift art car only by ItalianDragon Furry plus Crysis - Furrysis I by ItalianDragon Polymer clay flower tutorial by GemDeDude
Our illustrious mr Vega by tishaia Cat 1 by yokuns Destruction of Nature by akeli Friday the 13th: Little Pumpkin Witch by SpinkellaSapphireSeeU by Ryouuu

As a thank you to might watchers, I've featured a piece of their art and one they love, both of which they chose. The order of the thumbs is 1. my watcher's art, 2. the art piece they've chosen. Please consider faving the article! :D

And thanks for supporting me. c:
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